Stump Lake Village

Stump Lake Park Village History

The Nelson County Historical Society was organized in 1994 and leased the present site from Nelson County Park. The society is dependent upon the sale of memberships, contributions and fund raising events to finance improvements and maintenance. The organization is a tax-exempt non-profit corporation and donations are tax deductible for income tax purposes.

In that first year, the barn, log cabin, church and the school were moved into the Village. Stump Lake Village continues to expand each year and the buildings and grounds are more attractive each year. The society remains dependent upon donations and there is always a need for volunteers. We encourage everyone who is interested in contributing to our efforts in any manner to do so.

If you would like to purchase a membership, make a donation, or volunteer, please contact the Nelson County Historical Society, PO Box 141, Pekin, ND 58361. Checks may be made payable to the Nelson County Historical Society.

About Activities

Park Open: Monday-Sunday • Sunday-Village
Tours 1-5PM June thru Labor Day

The Pioneer Village is much more than a collection of “Stuff”. Combined with Stump Lake Park, there is something to do for all ages. Whitetail deer browse the grounds of both the Pioneer Village and Stump Lake Park. 60 acres of woods provide a home for a wide rage of wildlife from deer to birds. Teddy Roosevelt established the second wildlife refuge in the nation at Stump Lake Park because of its great variety of waterfowl.

The Village hosts a wide variety of activities in the summer, from band concerts to the Threshing Bee. Speakers portray early historical characters of North Dakota. Traveling exhibits provided by the North Dakota Historical Society offer snapshots of our past. Demonstrations of early pioneer skills range from spinning wool to a saw mill cutting wood.

We have great “stuff” too! From steam engines to hand pulled fire equipment. Each of our buildings is full of authentic and interesting items, more is under construction. There are tours every Sunday and at other times by arrangement. A paved walking trail, made possible by a grant, makes getting around the Village a pleasure. Most buildings are handicapped accessible.

• Pioneer Village Tours
• Threshing Bee
• Hayrides
• Craft Show
• Food
• Live Pioneer Demos