Park Rules

Nelson County is proud of its park and works hard to maintain a friendly, family park. We ask the cooperation of all visitors to help maintain this environment and that you, at all times, be considerate of other visitors. To help preserve this environment, the Nelson County Park Board has adopted the following rules.

1. No excessive noise at any time. Quiet hours are observed between 11:00 p.m. and 6 a.m.
2. Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs who disturb others will be asked to leave the park.
3. Fires are only allowed in the steel or stone fire rings. Please do not build fires on grass. You may collect dead fallen trees for fires but you may not cut standing trees. Ask in the café about other sources of firewood.
4. Do not damage picnic tables or park equipment.
5. Motor vehicles must observe posted speed limits. If children, hikers, or bikers are present drive at a safe speed which may be less than the posted limit. Excessive motor vehicle noise will not be allowed and repeat violators may be barred from the park. Motor vehicles are not allowed to park on the grass in picnic areas. ATV’s, such as 4-wheelers, dirt bikes, etc., are prohibited in the park.
6. Littering is not allowed. Leave the restrooms as if you were the next person to use them. Report restroom problems to the café.
7. No fish cleaning in the Park and no use of dumpsters for fish entrails. The fish cleaning station is operational for all to use.
8. Pets must be under leash at all times.

All of the above rules apply to the campers as do the following.

1. All campers must register and pay their fees in advance. Overnight guests must also register. Non registered guests must leave camping areas by midnight on Saturday night and eleven pm all other nights. Campers may only camp in approved sites.
2. Excessive noise and quiet hours are strictly enforced. Campers are here to enjoy the peace and quiet of the park which may not include your kind of music. Barking dogs must be quieted or removed.
3. The park is not responsible for your personal property. Please report the loss of any property or other problems to the café. For seasonal campers, all personal property must be removed from the park by November 1st of each year.
4. Do not release sewage in the campground except at the dump station. All garbage should be placed in a receptacle or the dumpster. A variety of animals visit the campground each night that may scatter garbage.
5. Do not leave your air conditioner running when you are not in the campground. It costs everyone.
6. All tools and equipment used with staff permission only.
7. Seasonal campers are expected to keep their campsites neat and clean.
8. No added sheds, deep freezes or other outside storage allowed without prior approval.
9. Additional persons (in excess of 6) using your site will be charged $3 per person per night.
10. All site improvements must be approved by staff prior to performing the improvement. No cutting of live trees or spraying of Roundup or other herbicides.

VIOLATION OF ANY RULES may result in you being told to leave the park by a park employee. Repeat offenders may be barred from the park. Persons who do not leave when directed to leave will be arrested.